DEF CON 26 CANNABIS VILLAGE – Mayor Chad Wanke – Primer On Dealing with Local Gov for Legal Cannabis

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Mr. Wanke is a businessman, Mayor, and County Commissioner. He was born in Anaheim and has lived his entire life in Orange County, CA. He currently lives in Placentia, with his wife and their four young children. Chad graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Geography and a Minor in Anthropology. As the Principal of Orbis Capital Consultants Chad directs all company activities, personally providing government affairs services to a diverse range of clients including large multi-national corporations, religious organizations, private companies, public agencies, family offices and individual property owners. Chad will present a primer on the critical role local government plays in the Cannabis industry. This will touch upon the areas of local Cannabis permits, business licenses, building permits, law enforcement, code enforcement, health/safety/fire, etc, which are all handled at the municipal or County level and are the pain-points most likely to get someone shut down, arrested, or their permit application stopped in its tracks & their business never opened in the first place.

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