Fortinet SD-Branch Basic Setup | Product Demo

Дата: 31.03.2021. Автор: Fortinet. Категории: Подкасты и видео по информационной безопасности

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Watch this video for more information on how to setup Fortinet’s SD-Branch solution.

0:00 — Equipment, cables, physical setup
4:09 — Initial FortiGate login
7:45 — FortiLink setup
10:45 — Authorize switch and APs
13:45 — Enable DHCP and Security Fabric in switch default VLAN
18:53 — Create an SSID
21:40 — Allow Internet access to SSID in Firewall
23:25 — Wrap up + demonstrate it all works

Quick check list of setup actions:
— FortiGate default IP
— FG default login admin/blank
— FortiLink — use ports labeled A or B
— If no A+B ports, assign a port to FortiLink in Network — Interfaces
— Remove one port from “hardware switch” and add that port to FortiLink
— Authorize switches and APs
— Enable DHCP and Security Fabric Connection to switch default VLAN
— Create SSID
— Add a firewall rule allowing outgoing traffic


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