Gleb Esman — Solving Crimes with Wireless GeoFencing — DEF CON 27 Packet Hacking Village

Дата: 22.11.2019. Автор: CISOCLUB. Категории: Подкасты и видео по информационной безопасности

The presentation will introduce viewer to geofencing — the technique successfully used by law enforcement agencies to pinpoint suspects in an array of anonymous metadata coming from wireless devices. The presentation will teach viewer how to build such system from scratch using freely downloadable analytical tools. Different ways to visually define GeoFencing zones and investigation constraints will be explained. Samples of working scripts, search queries, data formats and working dashboard layouts will be provided.

Gleb Esman (Twitter: @gesman) helps to guide research, product planning and development efforts in the areas of fraud detection, data security analytics and investigations at Splunk Inc. Currently Gleb manages number of security projects in healthcare space such as drugs and opioids diversion platform and healthcare privacy monitoring platform. Before Splunk Gleb was engaged at Morgan Stanley overseeing fraud detection platform and enterprise wide data analytics systems within retail banking space. During his career, Gleb worked in a various positions at a number of enterprises involved in research and development of solutions against advanced malware and computer viruses as well as solutions for secure payments and data protection in e-commerce space. Gleb is an author of several patents in Deep Learning, Security, Behavior Biometrics and Healthcare Data Analytics.


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