Mapbox Customer Story: Alex Ulsh talks at h1-202 about why Mapbox loves hacker-powered security

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Mapbox is a map company that was founded by developers for developers to make it easy for them to add maps to their apps.

Mapbox works with well-known clients such as Snapchat, The Weather Channel, Tableau, IBM and DoorDash

Alex helps oversee Mapbox’s growing security team and works to ensure maximum security of all of Mapbox’s assets.

«One of the things we really like about HackerOne is that we’re getting continuous security testing on our platform.»

Alex and Mapbox hosted 30 top hackers in their Washington DC offices for the h1-202 live-hacking event. The weekend consisted of a community day with Virginia-based high schoolers and a live hacking day — nine hours of hacking at Mapbox HQ, resulting in over 100 bugs reported and nearly $65,000 paid in rewards.

You can read more about h1-202 in our recap blog:

Alex and Mapbox leveraged the h1-202 event to get reports on the mobile APIs and SDKs, those products that really matter to their core business and their customers.

Check out Mapbox’s program at:
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