Pocket-Sized Badness: Why Ransomware Comes as a Plot Twist in the Cat-Mouse Game

Дата: 08.01.2020. Автор: CISOCLUB. Категории: Подкасты и видео по информационной безопасности

While we have grown accustomed to stealthy malware, specifically written to gain and maintain control of the victim machines to abuse their resources, ransomware really comes as a «plot twist!» After 10+ years of stealthy malware, spread mainly for building botnets and steal information, for the second time we’re witnessing a growth of disruptive malware, and an interest for direct and fast profit.

by Federico Maggi and Stefano Zanero

Full Abstract: https://www.blackhat.com/eu-16/briefings/schedule/#pocket-sized-badness-why-ransomware-comes-as-a-plot-twist-in-the-cat-mouse-game-4683


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