Security Analysis on IOT Equipment by Building a Base Station System — XiaoHuiHui — DEF CON China 1

Дата: 22.01.2020. Автор: CISO CLUB. Категории: Подкасты и видео по информационной безопасности

Every year billions more smart devices, like those in vending machinesautomobile central controlsshared bicyclessmart watches, are connecting to the network using 2/3/4G technology. On one hand, we need to obtain the data of connections between devices and cloud to analyze and find the vulnerabilities. On the other hand, as latest devices do not have as many direct break-in points to exploit, sniffing and man-in-the-middle into 2/3/4G traffic seem to be the trending and effective attacks, which may cause serious security issues such as leaking confidential information and remote command execution etc.

In this talk, we will first show how to build a test GSM base station system under legal premise, and then introduce a new method (inspired from learnings on malicious BTS practices in China) which make the mobile devices connected to the test base station system automatically. Using this method, we can sniff and run MITM attack easily. This affects all kinds of devices using 2/3/4G. We will demonstrate 4 examples, which use this method to find the vulnerability and take control of the devices. At the end, we will present how to build a 4G LTE test base station to perform the fast and stable testing on mobile devices.

Shupeng is a member of Baidu Security Lab. He is an expert on IoT security, AI security, penetration testing, etc. He was invited to talk on multiple security conferences, and successfully pwned IOT equipments on XPwn 2016/2017/2018, GeekPwn May/October 2017, the biggest pwn competitions in China.


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