When TLS Hacks You

Дата: 26.02.2021. Автор: CISO CLUB. Категории: Подкасты и видео по информационной безопасности

Lots of people try to attack the security of TLS. But, what if we use TLS to attack other things? It’s a huge standard, and it turns out that features intended to make TLS fast have also made it useful as an attack vector.
Among other things, these features provide a lot of flexibility for Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF). While past work using HTTPS URLs in SSRF has relied upon platform-specific bugs such as SNI injection, we can go further. In this talk, I present a novel, cross-platform way of leveraging TLS to target internal services.

By Joshua Maddux

Full Abstract & Presentation Materials: https://www.blackhat.com/us-20/briefings/schedule/#when-tls-hacks-you-19446


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